Make your English sound as cool as your profile picture

Improve your pronunciation

Learn how to talk with the confidence of a native

Communicate like a pro

Improve your English


Get personalized high-quality English lessons focused on your objectives and needs with the main goal of improving your pronunciation and fluency so that you can speak English with confidence and effortlessly.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Your English makes you feel embarrassed.
  • Your lack of confidence with English is the main reason you don’t thrive: you don’t get that promotion, you don’t go international or don’t call that client or employer that will change your career.
  • You think you can make progress both personally and professionally if you were bolder and more confident about your English.
  • You feel like people don’t take you seriously because of your accent, they always ask you to repeat yourself or they don’t understand you when you speak.
  • You are frustrated and tired of this situation

Focused to You

Forget the generic English lessons. Start making progress targeting your needs!

Adapted to you

Learning English at your own pace, whenever you want. Online and flexible.

We’ll be a team

You won’t be alone. You can contact me at any time and we’ll work on your progress.

Get confident about your English level

Even when most people recognize English as a key skill in the professional world, 24% consider necessary to lie about their English level in their curriculum.

Improve your English and find new professional opportunities

Custom Study Plan

I give you a study plan with your needs and goals in mind. As we work together, we modify this plan based on your progress.

Fast Results

We are going to identify your problems and tackle them from the first session.

Weekly Revisions

The best results require constant effort. Because of this, we have weekly revisions to track your progress.

Direct Contact

I’m always there for you. You can text me through Whatsapp or e-mail me with questions and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Proven and Practical

I have been studying learning methods and styles for over 8 years to select the best practices and exercises to make your learning as fun and entertaining as possible.


My sessions involve a lot of conversational practice. We will learn English and pronunciation as if you were talking to a friend.

Specific materials

I create my own materials with your specific problem in mind. No more useless exercises, let’s work on what really matters. I am also a materials curator. I find the best explanations, exercises around so that you can have them at hand when you need them

Versatile approach

We will use all the tools within your reach (and some that you didn’t even know) to help you improve without you even noticing.


Starting has never been so easy

Money Back Guarantee

What My Customer Have To Say

Noemí Cupido
Actress, Spain

Lory is very attentive, hard-working, knows how to value and direct each of your progress and interests. She takes your needs into account and focuses on your learning process in a very personal way. I was lucky to have found her.”

Rodrigo Dare
Manager, Brazil

Honestly, all tricks are useful. It doesn’t matter the topic, I always learn something new. They help me a lot.”

Andrea Sierra
Pro Swimmer, Venezuela

Since I started my classes with Lory, my self-confidence and English has improved a lot. She is an incredible English teacher. She’s very outgoing and funny, and her classes are never boring. She is always willing to help and correct mistakes in a kind and constructive way. I 100% recommend Lory Language.”

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Make your English sound as cool as your profile picture