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Because I love what I do, I always go the extra mile when teaching. I always make sure that my students learn by using their strengths and motivations as a part of their learning method. When you work with me you gain access to my experience and relentless support. I make your learning goals my own. Together we will build your confidence and break the language barrier that is holding you back. We will work with the insecurities you may have with the language so that you never have to feel intimidated by an English conversation ever again! 

When we learn a new language we have to include it in our way of life. I will challenge you to create new habits that include English in your life

Did I mention my language background?

I am fully bilingual in English and Spanish. I was born in a military base in Puerto Rico, being exposed to both languages since birth. I always told my parents that I wanted to be a singer when I grew up, and I love to sing, which is why it’s one of my main hobbies. You are probably asking yourself why I didn’t pursue a career in music. Well, I fell in love with education and languages and decided to become a teacher. 

I graduated top of my class with a Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language and two other minor degrees in Music and Spanish, and recently completed a Masters Degree in Literature, Linguistics and Cultural studies. In my 8+ years of experience, I’ve worked with students from different levels and countries. 

I’m proud of

  • Being a bilingual licensed teacher
  • Having helped +500 students
  • Having travelled and taught around the world
  • To have sung in front of 50,000 people

I’m interested in

  • Learning and trying new things (currently acrobatics)
  • International development

Things I like

  • My students’ English progress
  • Having adventures and exploring new places
  • Singing and dancing without a care in the world
  • Cookies and pizza!

Things I hate

  • Educational systems that don’t fit the student’s goals
  • Olives

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